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NYS Licensed Art Therapist & Write Fighter; Liz Verna, ATR, LCAT

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Find out what Wordacity Coaching is all about


What if there was a way to introduce a caring, capable guide into the world that bustles just beneath consciousness? What if you could have access to a therapist when emotions bubble to the surface and a coach to help find practical steps to channel them into a force of clarity and growth? Liz Verna will help you to bring your subconscious up to consciousness using your own creativity, which yields deeper breakthroughs and quicker results, and find the way to implement a writing practice that fits into your life and supports your needs.

Classes take place via email or Zoom, an online video chat platform that is free and easy to use. Individual sessions can be purchased one at a time or in blocks of four, classes run monthly and cover various topics and issues that confront us as thinking creatives.

Past class topics per client request have covered Writing for Empowerment, Writing Through Stress, and Getting Honest in Writing and Life.

Why not get some clarity, support, and humor all while implementing your own tools for powerful growth and achievement?

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Getting Started


Is the Getting Started class right for you?

You’ve always wanted to begin or resume journaling but can’t seem to fit it into your life. You wish you could join with others in a fun, no-pressure way to talk about the creative challenges we share and get your pen moving with no judgment, commitment or plan to write anything but what you feel like writing.

In this Getting Started class we’ll talk about:

  • The benefits of a daily practice to structure creative insight

  • Practical ways to make it easy to start

  • Blocks that convince you there’s no time and no point

  • Topics to write about that will create new topics to write about

Mining the Vent


Is the Mining the Vent class right for you?

You write occasionally and have an open-door policy with inspiration, maybe it visits once in a while. However, the real impulse to create shows up when you're angry, disappointed or need to vent onto something that won’t burst into flames. Suddenly you become the David Mamet of rage, tearing into your monologue with clever ferocity and agile adjectives. When the heat passes you close the book and don’t look at it again until you spend a train ride sitting next to a jerk yelling into his cell phone.

In the class Mining the Vent we’ll talk about:

  • Anger as motivator, justifier and cloak of invisibility

  • Similarities in tone or topic, are there patterns you might be missing?

  • Creating writing prompts to help understand what your subconscious is telling you

  • Finding new, sustainable routes to inspiration that don’t require an ulcer


Writing for Productivity


Why Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso and George Lucas kept journals.

You don’t think of yourself as creative so it has never occurred to you to use writing as a super power, but you are driven and ambitious. Since creative thinking is something cutting-edge companies like Google are looking for, you are open to ideas to get your resume to the top of the pile.

In the class Writing for Productivity we’ll talk about:

  • How writing builds mental flexibility, emotional agility and verbal perspicacity

  • What, when and how to write to maximize productivity

  • How a daily writing practice makes other daily routines easier to implement

  • How tapping into the creativity you don’t know you had can make you clearer and more energized