The positives of Liz personally and her program are almost too expansive to list!
It provided for a balance of structure (weekly scheduled check ins to encourage me to stay committed to my growth), authentic verbal exchange, humor, compassion and fluidity. The tools offered - writing prompts, affirmations, and discussion - invited me to delve deep into subconscious blocks and strengths alike. The writing exercises were transformative and brought forth some powerful positive shifts for me. I am so very grateful to for Liz’s program and for her generous heart.
— Cathy D.

I worked with Liz during a time in my life while I was coming to terms with the physical and sexual abuse I had endured as a child. This, of course, is an extremely sensitive issue for me, one which plagued me for years and took a toll on my quality of life, to say the least.
I’m so grateful to have worked with Liz. Her approach in helping me cope with my past through the writing suggestions gave me so much more insight than some of the regular traditional therapy sessions I had in the past and it powerfully complemented the work I was doing with my therapist and led to quicker breakthroughs. I found Liz’s writing program to be invaluable and a useful tool I can use throughout the rest of my life, and I was able to deal with such a difficult issue in the gentlest of ways.
Liz is compassionate, empathetic and encouraging and I can’t thank her enough.
— Cesar B.

Liz helped me out in the middle of my second year in college when I was having trouble
deciding my major. I had already invested time and money in two majors and still didn’t
feel right about any of my decisions.
The writing exercises that Liz created helped me delve into deeper feelings surrounding
my decisions and helped me uncover the underlying issues that played into making bad
choices. After working with her, I was able to move forward into a more fulfilling major
that was more congruent to who I am.
I would highly recommend Liz’s approach to finding your true voice and
— Rob P.