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NYS Licensed Art Therapist & Write Fighter; Liz Verna, ATR, LCAT




We’ll talk a little, write a little, and play with prompts and techniques you can use every day, transforming your journaling practice into a clarifying, amplifying, transmogrifying force for growth and success.



Meet Liz Verna

I am Liz Verna, MA, ATR, LCAT, a Licensed Creative Arts Psychotherapist and Writing Coach….... and I believe in everything. Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot and his soggy Scottish cousin, the Loch Ness Monster. I choose to live in possibility, where maybe that is Elvis walking out of a car wash in Albuquerque and someday my body type will be on the cover of Vogue. I spent much of my life struggling with depression, trying not to pay attention to the nagging fear that I was simply broken. I had beliefs about myself that left no room for loving relationships and accumulated terrible ex’s like the world’s worst smelling stamp collection. I engaged in patterns of dysfunctional behavior and handed my energy and attention to others over myself. These things kept me stuck and I poured my unhappiness into my writing, something I had always done for reasons I never understood. With neither a rational explanation for why I wrote nor tangible published evidence of what I wrote, I kept it hidden like my own Area 51, a treasure of secrets and mystery buried in the desert. But then I lost my father and my marriage in the same year. My brain stopped working and my instincts had long since atrophied from lack of attention. I needed a way to hear my inner voice, the one that knew what I should do and where I should go. I needed a place to spit out the acid thoughts and anger so my chest cavity wouldn’t crack open. I needed a nonjudgemental decoder ring that could translate my screams into plans for the future, and my writing became the only thing that could catch all the sparks before I went up in flames. Writing, reading my writing and learning from my writing taught me that there is liberation in loss, opportunity in destruction and empowerment in surviving fear, although the nervous breakdown part is optional. Writing broke me from the chains of unconscious patterns and gave me choices I didn’t know I had, it gave me the power to create the life I wanted, it game me contentment and peace and freedom from a life-long battle with depression. All for the price of a book and some pens. I don’t know what you’ve had to overcome in your life, I don’t know what you want but don’t have, I don’t know your answers. But you do. It may be covered up by denial, deflection, childraising, job-getting, tv viewing and self-tanning, but the answers are there, waiting for you. I believe in everything because mystery keeps us searching, and I believe in you, the seekers. I am humbled and comforted by unexplained phenomenon merely by its existence, because it reminds me that we don’t know everything. And that leaves room for anything.

Contact Liz for a free 10 minute consultation and find out how fun and powerful writing together can be.

Writing is the creative superpower at our fingertips 

Writing is Powerful

Journalling to articulate fears, anger and confusion in a nonjudgmental, safe place feels like a warm sweater on a drizzly day. The real magic is how writing connects you to your creative mind. It provides instant, unfettered access to your subconscious. It bypasses defenses and fears and limiting beliefs. It lets the Inside You, the real spark of creative genius that is You, dance and shout. This is where great ideas are born, where solutions get pulled out of the box, where your imagination is fed and pampered like a tiny puppy in a handbag.

Program Options

Writing is the creative superpower at our fingertips. Liz Verna offers group or individual sessions that meet bi-monthly via email or Zoom video chat. She ensures that the environment is safe, therapeutic and creative. See which options works best for you by contacting Liz at Wordacity Coaching today. You’ll see yourself blossom into your true self by bringing the power of creative practice to paper.


Creativity Meets Tenacity

Wordacity Coaching is Liz Verna, a Writer, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Coach who uses writing to supercharge clarity, productivity and success.